Weekly Culinary Updates

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Hello Roadrunners,

During these past couple of weeks, the students in culinary have been involved in learning about the 5 mother sauces in cooking. These five mother sauces are the foundation of all types of sauces we use when creating dishes. Currently we have completed 3 of the 5 mother sauces with much success, and now we venture into the next mother sauce, the “Espanol Sauce”.

The Espanol sauce is the mother sauce which lends itself to the various dishes which have a dark color to it and/or a dark gravy. All students in the culinary classes will create their Espanol sauce then utilize that sauce to create a “Tortellini Soup”.

As always students will not only be graded on their overall dish but their practices throughout the process. This includes, collaboration, dishwashing, station clearing, and all around teamwork. As a FYI, students will be tasked to take on the duties of dishwasher within their specified stations. When students act as the dishwasher they are not only responsible for the washing of the dishes but more so, the manner for which dishes are sanitized prior to placing them on the shelves. With this duty, the student assigned will not be charged with cooking; however, will still be graded on their performance as the dishwasher.

Also, as we understand things may arise; please know all assignments, assessments, presentations, and recipes are uploaded into our google classroom for everyone’s convenience. Also, anyone missing any work are encouraged to complete the assignment and/or practicum at home and submit for credit.

Lastly, if you need any assistance or have any questions about how to support us further, please feel free to contact me at eramos@santancharterschool.com.

Thank you and I wish you all a happy and safe long weekend,

Mr. Ramos, M.Ed.