Weekly Class Update

 In Advanced Culinary, Culinary Arts

Hello Roadrunners,

This week the culinary classes took a break from the mother sauces to celebrate the Independence of Mexico, Cinco de Mayo. We have delved into various aspects of the cultural foods and begin to prepare and create the dishes associated to this celebration such as, Spanish rice, seasoned black beans, fresh salsa, and homemade tacos. Students made these dishes in groups where one student was selected by their peers to be the head cook for their group. These individuals were tasked to manage the times of their team and maintain quality control of each dish. I am proud to where we have come and how our students have been able to work collaboratively and collectively in each scenario.

Also, as we understand things may arise; please know all assignments, assessments, presentations, and recipes are uploaded into our google classroom for everyone’s convenience. Also, anyone missing any work are encouraged to complete the assignment and/or practicum at home and submit for credit.

Lastly, if you need any assistance or have any questions about how to support us further, please feel free to contact me at eramos@santancharterschool.com.

Thank you and I wish you all a happy and safe long weekend,
Mr. Ramos, M.Ed.